It's My Shout Documentary...


This was a short documentary I was asked to make for the It's My Shout training scheme, which is currently in partnership with ITV. The original brief wanted a Doctor Who Confidential-esque feel to it but this quickly changed to an X - factorish design. But due to several logistical disruptions I had to aim for what I hope is something in between. Big thanks to Ioan Lloyd who came in at very short notice to help record the audio. And also Roger Burnell who helped make it possible for us to talk to so many of the cast and crew desipite a demanding schedule.

Technical specs:

Shot on DV with a Canon XL2.

Edited using Final Cut Pro Studio.

Music by Flood.

The Final Day Of Sam Flye...

The Final Day of Sam Flye Trailer from David Jeffcoate on Vimeo.


This is a trailer for a short film I made Nearly a year ago. Its a fictional documentary about a regional radio presenter who is asked to replace Chris Moyles as Radio 1 breakfast show host going about his fianl day at his regional station. Sam Flye is played by Bill Uden with an amazing supporting cast in the forms of Narrelle Evans, Rhys Herrige and Stuart Davies. Camera Operation was performed by Louise Thomas and the score was provided by the incredible band Flood. The editing was done by Rhodri Davies who's sense or timing and story really cementated the performances together.

Technical specs:

Shot on DV using Cannon XL2.

Edited and Colour corrected in Final Cut Pro Studio.

The Life Of Death...


This is a short film based on dialogue from the best selling novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Death is played by the brilliant Ioan Hefin. The score was written by Matt Evans who's professional perfectionism helped make up for my many mistakes. Special effects were done by Daf 'The Man' Turner who came on board at very short notice but produced some fantastic work that makes me feel privileged to be a filmmaker.

Technical specs:

Shot on DV using Sony DSR-390.

Edited with Final Cut Pro Studio 2.

SFX created using After Effects 7.

Graded with Apple Color/After Effects 7.