Gone: Full version

This is a short fantasy piece that I worked on as Editor. For the whole piece I kept the pacing as dynamic as possible and referenced the French New Wave style of cutting, particularly with the dream sequence. The overall aim was to build tension and keep the audience guessing.

The piece was filmed without sound so I was responsible building the Foley track. This was done on purpose so as to create a disjointed relationship between the sound and the visuals. Hopefully adding to the tension and mysteriousness of the overall narrative.

Life of Death-Jump scene: Making of

This is just a random assortment of footage from when we shot the stunt sequence. This is probably the most enjoyable thing I've filmed so far in my career. Was a great (if wet) day and everyone involved gave 110%. I owe them all.

Life Of Death - Jump Scene REHASH

This is just a rehash of a scene from The Life Of Death short I made a few years back. Found some shots we couldn't use because of a technical error on the camera and decided to try and fix them using Apple's Color. Didn't come out as perfect as I'd hoped but those new shots with the new sound track definitely add some tension and suspense.

Gone - Dream Sequence

Gone - Dream Sequence from David Jeffcoate on Vimeo.

This is from a project I've been working on recently as editor. It's a short fantasy piece that in the finished piece that makes use of typography to move the narrative along in place of dialogue.

For the whole piece I kept the pacing as dynamic as possible and referenced the French New Wave style of cutting. With this dream sequence the aim was to build a bit of tension as well as keep the audience guessing.

John and Jehn music video: Sister.

This was a small project I was asked to edit at the very last minute back in november '08. Some of the footage had already been edited, and was given to me in a low quality format. Overall I think this came out very well, all things considered. It would have also been nice to have had a bit more footage in its raw format.

I do not know to what extent this was used by the musical duo, but I'm told they are moving ever upwards in popularity. So good luck to them.

Technical specs:

Edited and graded with Final Cut Pro Studio 2.

Standing By

Standing By is short film inspired by Wim Wenders Wings Of Desire, (Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin) and deals with an angel by the name of Ziel (Paul Huntingford) who is tired of his existence and wishes to experience life as a human. To offer advice is fellow angel Tirus (Howard Charles) who is content with serving humanity.

The film was shot in London, Paul and Howard were brilliant to work with, and put such enthusiasm into the parts. The major flaw has been the technical problems with sound recording, although on the bright side, much of the dialogue was salvageable. But on the whole the sound design could be better, and will be something I pay close attention to next time.

As always none of this would have been possible without the commitment and wisdom of Daffydd Turner, who’s Visual Effects, I feel, constitute some of his finest work.
Also I want to thank James Mossahebi for doing the jobs I couldn’t, and Dillon Clare for stepping in at the eleventh hour and allowing me to do just one more take, in the freezing cold.

Technical specs:

Shot on Mini DV in DVCAM Format.
Shot using Sony PD – X10

Edited and Graded in Final Cut Pro Studio.

Visual Effects created with Photoshop, After Effects and Particle Illusion.

It's My Shout Documentary...


This was a short documentary I was asked to make for the It's My Shout training scheme, which is currently in partnership with ITV. The original brief wanted a Doctor Who Confidential-esque feel to it but this quickly changed to an X - factorish design. But due to several logistical disruptions I had to aim for what I hope is something in between. Big thanks to Ioan Lloyd who came in at very short notice to help record the audio. And also Roger Burnell who helped make it possible for us to talk to so many of the cast and crew desipite a demanding schedule.

Technical specs:

Shot on DV with a Canon XL2.

Edited using Final Cut Pro Studio.

Music by Flood.